Census event planned for Aug. 8

YADKINVILLE — The Census Bureau will be holding a Mobile Questionnaire Assistance (MQA) Event on Saturday, Aug. 8, outside of the Yadkin County Pool at 6600 Service Road in Yadkinville. Census workers will be present to assist citizens take the Census.

The process will be touchless and take only a few minutes. Census workers will follow appropriate social distancing, mask guidelines and law. Each citizen’s information will be safe and secure as with all Census responses.

The purpose of this event is to help ensure an accurate response and make sure everyone in Yadkin County is counted. Nearly 62% of people in Yadkin County have been accounted for but there’s still time to improve these rates.

Census response rates influence and determine the amount of funding for schools, the department of transportation, hospitals and other public resources. Results from the 2020 Census also determine how many seats each state receives in Congress and provides data for redrawing legislative districts. Participation in the 2020 Census will impact the next ten years of Yadkin County.

Residents can anticipate several of these MQA events at various locations across the county over the next few months. For more info or questions about the Census Mobile Questionnaire Assistance event on Aug. 8, contact Drew Hinkle, Yadkin County Assistant Manager, at 336-849-7900.