Ethereum token browser Ethplorer launches Bulk API Monitor – the industry’s first developer tool capable of tracking millions of addresses

Ethereum token browser Ethplorer launches Bulk API Monitor – the industry’s first developer tool capable of tracking millions of addresses

Ethereum token browser Ethplorer launches Bulk API Monitor – the industry’s first developer tool capable of tracking millions of addresses

SINGAPORE, Nov. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ethplorer is a well-known provider of free Ethereum token analytics and is used by crypto investors, traders, and developers worldwide. Its new Bulk API Monitor developer tool takes blockchain development to a new level, allowing users to track an unlimited number of token addresses and portfolios – something that smaller crypto exchanges, wallets, and brokers have long been struggling with.

Why introduce Bulk API?

Existing Ethereum API providers don’t offer an efficient way to monitor large numbers of addresses. They involve continually sending requests to all the addresses on the list – which could mean thousands, or hundreds of thousands of calls, almost all of which return empty responses. This is a major challenge for active crypto exchanges, wallets, or exchanges that need to monitor thousands of addresses and hundreds of tokens.

In response to the demand from larger crypto projects, Ethplorer released a brand-new product: Bulk API Monitor.

Unlimited addresses and ready-to-use responses

The Bulk API Monitor is designed to monitor transactions and balances for an unlimited number of addresses and token contracts, stretching into the thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions. The service attracted a lot of interest during the testing stage and is already being used as the base for Ethplorer’s popular Watching Service.

The monitor is designed for crypto wallets, exchanges, small and mid-sized trading platforms, portfolio trackers, token sale projects, and so forth. Once all required addresses have been added to a tracking list, the service monitors all their transactions on the Ethereum blockchain in real-time to check for new activity related to the addresses. This whole process is executed at high speed and without any unnecessary overhead.

In particular, with Bulk API Monitor, developers can:

– Track all ERC20 or ETH transactions for selected addresses: Bulk API will return the transactions, amounts, and even wallet balances, so you don’t need to make additional API calls to get ones.

– Track all transactions with specific ERC20 tokens for all addresses: Whenever anybody on the Ethereum network receives one of the selected tokens – be it USDT, COMP, LINK, etc. – the monitor will return information on the transaction.

Customers can then easily filter and export the Bulk API Monitor results, depending on their needs. For example, one can analyze the flow of crypto to an exchange to predict price movements, monitor whale activity, and so on.

Thanks to the tool’s flexible range of premium pricing plans, crypto projects can take their development power to a new level with the Bulk API Monitor. Subscription fees range from $0 to $699 a month, depending on the number of addresses to be tracked and their level of activity. For many smaller services, the free starter plan is likely to suffice, while large projects may appreciate being able to track their entire blockchain for a fixed monthly fee.

About Ethplorer

Ethplorer is an Ethereum token browser that allows users to track portfolios, transactions, and wallet balances for any ERC20 token. It’s used by dozens of major blockchain projects, including MEW, MyCrypto, STORJ, CoinTracking, AmbiSafe, Status, and Coinbooks.

Bulk API Monitor by Ethplorer is the first solution designed specifically for monitoring large numbers of Ethereum addresses and tokens. It provides exchanges, wallets, and other crypto projects with a faster and more efficient, and reliable alternative to regular APIs.

For more information, see the Bulk API Monitor documentation page. To learn more about Ethplorer or check an ERC20 token transaction, visit

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