User who forgot his account saw that his $ 1 was $ 65

A user who forgot the Coinbase account he opened in 2015, when he entered his account years later, he saw that the $ 1 BTC that Coinbase gave free of charge was $ 65 today.

Bitcoin investors sometimes forget how fast the cryptocurrency has grown over the years and has the potential to repeat a similar rise in the future.

The story of Allen Walton, founder of, which sells security systems, reminded this fact once again.

Walton, who opened an account with Coinbase 5 years ago, received $ 1 free Bitcoin after verifying his bank account in February 2015. Yesterday, remembering that he had an account with Coinbase after years, the entrepreneur shared with the screenshot below that the value of $ 1 BTC given as a gift has turned into $ 65 today.

$ 1 Bitcoin was at the time 0.003696 BTC, and Bitcoin was trading at $ 249. Bitcoin today finds buyers at $ 16,800.

While Walton shared this with the note “a funny story,” one of his followers responded: “You present this as ‘funny’ but I bet you cried a little when you found it.”

Walton said, “While Bitcoin was literally on the rise a few years ago, I was annoyed that something simple like waiting for an account verification made me miss this opportunity. But I really laughed when I logged in today. Money is nice, but I’m happy! ” used the expressions.