How Bitcoin and Blockchain Redefine the Structure of Global Trade?

The global cryptocurrency market is expected to reach a worth of $1,758 million by 2027. Not only are there more investors now than ever supporting Bitcoin, but the overall popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing. But, the interest in BTC and blockchain technology goes far beyond the crypto market, and a lot of business sectors are implementing these innovations. In this article, we explore how BTC and blockchain technology adds value to various commerce sectors.  

Retail Sector   

Blockchain technology was invented to enable fast, secure BTC transactions without the control of interference of third parties (financial institutions). But the underlying technology is applicable in many sectors, namely because it is a public, distributed ledger that records transactions on a cluster of computer systems around the world. 

The transactions are irreversible, and the data about the network and records are viewable to the users. So, the blockchain network promotes complete transparency, safe and fast transactions. In addition, the data about the users remain anonymous, and the processing fees are very low.  

That said, there are a lot of advantages for the retail industry in general. First, there is increased transparency in the network, which minimizes the opportunities for fraud and errors. Next, it is very easy to obtain data about specific products and to track their position in the supply chain.  

What’s more, altering the data is practically impossible because any changes are apparent to the users of the network. This means that they will have real-time information on the movement and origin of the clothes. 

So, it can also be used in stores to track the garments, improve security and prevent theft, and improve the management and collection of data about the clothes. When it comes to accepting BTC payments, a lot of businesses see it as another way to reach a new audience. Actually, in a lot of sectors, brick and mortar and online establishments are accepting crypto payments.  

Online Trading  

Nowadays, there’s an increasing number of online trading platforms where you can invest in BTC and other cryptocurrencies. The popularity of trading sites seems to be growing as the price of Bitcoin follows an upward trend. Bitcoin Profit UK is one great trading platform that uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology and relies on blockchain technology and smart contracts to create a safe trading environment. What’s more, you can gain $800 on a daily basis by depositing a minimum amount of $250.  


As we mentioned earlier, hundreds of businesses around the world are supporting Bitcoin. In the e-commerce world, BTC transactions mean lower fees, fast cross-border transactions (the average processing time of BTC transactions is 10 minutes), and improved security. 

When it comes to blockchain technology, improved traceability of the products is a serious benefit for e-commerce companies that are collaborating with many shipping companies and manufacturers. One example is Alibaba, the e-commerce giant, which is looking to implement blockchain technology in order to improve the tracking of its cross-border shipments.  

Trade Finance  

Blockchain technology offers a lot of advantages for trade finance.  It will also enable quicker and more transparent cross-border trade. This means the trade finance processes will be streamlined, and the costs related to the transactions will be reduced. 

Furthermore, financial institutions will be able to effectively and easily audit the data in the network and access top compliance capabilities. 

Final Thoughts 

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are innovations that can actually revolutionize not only business sectors but also different government sectors. Moreover, it helps companies implement new business models, while it increases the level of trust, decreases costs, and helps business owners keep up to date with the latest tech breakthrough. So, it’s safe to say that in the future the blockchain technology and Bitcoin will fully integrate into every facet of society.