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In a new YouTube video, Jeremy Hogan of the Orlando (US) law firm Hogan & Hogan spoke about the SEC vs. Ripple pre-trial conference on February 22 and what will follow. As the lawyer noted, the date is a standard initial hearing in federal court.

This is a telephone hearing, with only one lawyer on each side also participating in the appeal. The purpose of the hearing is to come to an agreement on the timing of the dispute. Ripple and the SEC is required to submit a proposed “case management order” by Feb. 15, indicating all deadlines for the litigation. So “we won’t see the delay for another ten days,” as Hogan noted.

4 settlement scenarios between Ripple and the SEC

As Hogan mentioned in the video, he is able to estimate the length of each deadline in the process based on his work experience. The first important date is the “discovery deadline”. Both parties can ask questions of the other party and request documents during this time.

“The SEC will be looking for boxes of documents from Ripple regarding its coin offerings, sales materials, etc.,” Hogan said.

Regulation end of 2021?

Settlement Scenario 2, meanwhile, could take place after the discovery phase. When both sides realize their strength. As Hogan explains, there will also be mediation at that time. With a third party lawyer working with the parties to try to reach a settlement agreement.

Jokingly adding to his explanation, Hogan continued, “Once the case management order is issued and mediation is scheduled, you may want to grab a few more XRP the day before mediation.

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