XPOP, Blockchain-Based Entertainment Project Spurs Its Global Service

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain-based digital entertainment platform XPOP announced its global launch. XPOP Project provides a convenient and innovative entertainment platform where the creatives such as music and video producers, webtoon artists, film makers, animation producers, and scenario writers and their industrial players for the various needs meet together mutually and also XPOP makes them communicate on the same ecosystem where XPOP Project team recently created a new type of business with blockchain technology in the field of entertainment and its content business.

As the entertainment market especially requires a variety of players, XPOP Project is being developed on the perfect technical integration in order to provide trustful smart contract for developing a better digital content industry and also the project initially aims to support a global service to get many K-POP artists interconnected with their growth by themselves on the platform.

In terms of technical perspectives, XPOP Project has been developed with its own XDP protocol which supports trust-free interchain which is a heterogeneous multi-chain interchange and translation architecture based on Polkadot technology. Through its rapid block processing development, XPOP Project will be fully functional with a NFT(Non Fungible Token) mechanism that guarantees ownership of digital content containing music, webtoon, digital art, video, games, and so on exclusively.

Interchain of Polkadot technology refers to a blockchain architecture designed to be interchangeable with customized side-chains to connect with the major public blockchains. It can be combined with scalable heterogeneous multi-chain business and a perfect match for XPOP’s global project. XPOP blockchain will be able to support fast transaction contract and its payment settlement by adopting Polkadot delegation through its validating proofs.

DApp operators on XPOP blockchain network can do own business by verifying the ownership and copyright of digital contents they have such as music, webtoon, game and etc. The copyright of digital content stores its authentic ownership in a NFT(Non-Fungible Token). In the process of distributing the creative works such as music source, webtoon, graphic design, game item, and game character among the users of a DApp service on the XPOP blockchain, the rights of the owner are recorded in its smart contract which means authenticated single edition digital work is tokenized on the XPOP blockchain while preventing forgery and providing on immutable record for the various service anticipators such as the content creators, its collectors, its owners, and its operators in the market place while XPOP is combined with various services; market, wallet, SDK and APIs, transaction handles in-content assets for allowing items to be verifiably traded, sold, or given from content users to its business operators vice versa.

The social media service and digital content market place are expanded rapidly and experiencing explosive growth while K-POP has shone with BTS breaking records and Blackpink’s massive hits for example. In such industry field, XPOP Project team is a global technology firm challenging the global market with its new blockchain platform service.

Many experts in these industry areas have already predicted XPOP will become a leading NFT(Non- Fungible Token) utilizer while the digital content market grows rapidly itself in this emerging NFT era. XPOP Project team will utilize the excellent references that developed a NFT platform ecosystem for targeting the global market: music, webtoon, game, and etc previously.

XPOP the entertainment platform which is newly introduced in the digital content market is evaluated as an innovative blockchain technology with a high growth potential and also a high return on investment in terms of technology and business infrastructures XPOP possesses along with the spread of the Korean wave.

Now, the token XPOP is currently listed on Korea crypto exchange and will be listed on the global crypt- exchange services gradually down the road. In addition to further token listings on the exchange services, XPOP will enhance its due diligence process by partnering with leading technology and business firms who share XPOP’s vision of establishing the best practices in the content market.

Joshua, the CEO of XPOP, said that blockchain technology can build much innovative digital service in the entertainment field, and XPOP is preparing a blockchain service that allows artists to lead engagement with more fans and grow with each other. XPOP has built more than 200 partnerships with music artists and more than 70 webtoon artists will participate in the service soon. It is said that XPOP ecosystem can greatly help new artists grow into the global stars, and it will become a global entertainment platform with more than 1 million users by 2022.

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