Coinbase Just Hired Former SEC Official Brett Redfearn

Just a few years ago, no former senator or SEC official would consider joining a cryptocurrency company. Nowadays, however, cryptocurrency is seen as the next big thing in the financial world, with institutions around the world accepting cryptocurrencies like never before. That’s why so many leaders in the financial, political, and regulatory industries are looking for jobs in the crypto ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are allowed to operate in the U.S., provided they adhere to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) protocols. However, there still are some restrictions. One of which is that the SEC has forbidden any ETFs from directly owning cryptocurrencies, citing the market is far too volatile and that it would be a threat to potential investors. Other restrictions include accessing Chinese-based exchanges, like Binance. However, this could easily change in the future is regulators become more accepting of the crypto industry.